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The Irish Question Essay, Research Paper

For many weary years Home Rule or “The Irish Question” had confused the British Parliament. The Roman Catholic Irish despised the Union of 1801 that had abolished the Irish Parliament. It had not saved Ireland from appalling misery, death and depopulation in the famines of the mid-nineteenth century. It had refused Catholics the same voting rights as many Protestants and denied them many basic human dignities. Nonetheless, Irish agitation throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth had secured the final passage of a Home Rule Bill in May 1914. Many Irish Protestants gathered weapons and drills to fight for against Home Rule since they were afraid Catholics would dominated Ireland. Only the Royal Assent was needed to make it law. However, Irish independence had to wait with the outbreak of the Great War.

Fifty years later, reformists still wished for the national revolution against imperialism. Ireland wished for a free country, where they could plan their own destiny, and be the sole owner of the materials that are upon their soil. James Connolly, a person who based his ideas on Internationalism, wanted national freedom as a step towards the Irish Socialist Republic. He was murdered for the uprising for freedom he gathered in Ireland. Even with his death, he was remembered by the Irish Society. They gave support to Connolly for his undying heroism to fight for the Irish workers and for International Socialism. Thus, in the future years, Connolly’s words will be remembered and used for a growth in nationalism to help Ireland seek its freedom.


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The Irish Question Essay Research Paper For

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