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Course на тему Accommodation in StPetersburg

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South Urel State University

«Accommodation in St.Petersburg»

Ivanishina. A.N

Group S-251





Ivanova R.P. Accommodations in Saint Petersburg. Chelyabinsk. -SUSU. -2007. p. –48.

The first part of my course paper is about tourism in St.Petersburg. The second part is about accommodations in St.Petersburg.

Bibl. – 6 calls.





2.1 The Grand Hotel Emerald

2.2Grand Hotel Europe

2.3 The Astoria Hotel

2.4 Radisson SAS Royal Hotel

2.5 Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel

2.6 AngleterreHotel

2.7 Arbat-Nord Hotel

2.8 The Deson-Ladoga Hotel

2.9Saint-Petersburg Hotel

2.10 Hotel Moscow

2.11 Nautilus Inn



Petersburg was founded by Peter the Great, in 1703, but many years before the bank of the Neva River attracted the Swedes and Slaves. In 1240 , on the place which in nova days is a part of town, the Swedish crusaders were defeated by Prince Alexander Jaroslavitch . From that battle the Prince has got the title Alexander Nevskiy. Later on he was canonized by the Orthodoxy church and became a Sky patron of the town. The defeat in 1240 did not stop Swedes and close to the place where the Ohtensky bridge is located in nova days, they have built up the fortress Landscrona. At the same year the Novgorodians had occupied and destroyed this fortress. On the same place, in 1611 the Swedes have founded the fortress again which got the new name Nienschanz ( New fortress). Under protection of the fortress walls the new town Nien has grown up, where lived Swedes, Germans and Dutch craftsmen and merchants. On the other side of the river Neva was Russian village Spasskoe. Peter the First has occupied Nienschanz and founded on the Hare's island, in delta of the Neva river, the fortress and named its Sankt-Petersburch. Later this name was given to the town, and the fortress has got new name "Peter and Paul". Affirmed on those lands, Peter the First commenced to build up the town intensively and transferred his Capital to there. Under tsar Peter odder many craftsmen have been delivered to St. Peterburch from whole Russia

The new stage in St. Petersburg's history came during the ruling time of Catherine the Great. Ivan Starov, Kokorinov, Vallen de lamothe, Antonio Rinaldi, Charles Kameron, Jacomo Quarenghi, Yuri Felten and other architects worked in that time. The Russian Academy of science and Academy of art has blossomed in that time. The court of Catherine invited best musicians from Italy, Spain and Germany. The Catherine's court composer was world famous Spanish composer Martin de Solera and conductor of Court's Vocal Capella - Maksim Beresovskiy got the title of Memeber of Bologne Philharmonic's Academy. The Catherine the Great, German by origin could understand the interests of Russia. Some innovations improve the economy and broad-mind (width interest) of Catherine the Great made St. Petersburg one of the Cultural Capital of the Europe. Catherine corresponded with French encyclopedia writers and Alexander Humbold. Under her invitation St. Petersburg has visited philosopher Didro and Moris Etjen Falcone made the Bronze horseman of the Peter the First. She not only managed economy and politic but also wrote stories, memoirs and even libretto of the opera. Under her odder Jacomo Kvarengi has built a special Hermitage's theater.

The last years ruled by Nikolay I coincide with a period of changes the architectural style from classicism to eclecticism. The last accord of the classicism style in architecture was Alexander Column and St. Isaac's cathedral (architect Monpherran), cathedrals and triumph arc of architect Stasov. The reforms of Alexander II which gave the freedom to the land less peasants have been preconditions of the economical growth of Russia. The new banks and stock exchanges have been opened in that time and new railway stations, mills and factories build. But in spite of democratic reforms many people not satisfied and in that time some terrorists organizations appeared. The have began a real hunting of Alexander II. Finally after explosions in Winter Palace and on the streets of Petersburg, Emperor Alexander II being fatally wounded by Grinevitski's bomb attack on the promenade of Ekaterininsky canal. The unusual cathedral " The Savor on blood" has been built under project of archimandrite Ignaty and architect Parland on the place of bomb attack. The end of XIX and beginning of XX centuries was called as "Silver century". During that time the all kind of art as architecture, painting, poetry, music, theater had got a new powerful growth. The blocks of building in new Modern style ( in Europe called Jugend style or Ars Nuovo) appeared in the City. You can see different modern styles (Austrian, Scandinavian and etc.) One of the interesting building of this style is house of architect F. Lidval, Kamenoostrovsky avenue 1/3, the hotel "Astoria" the house of Sweden church on the Malaya Konyushennaya street. The other examples of this style are the building of Vitebsky Railway station (architect Minash and Brzhosovsky) the house of Eliseevsky shop (architect Baranovsky), The house of books (architect Syusor), Matilda Kshesinskaya Palace built by architect von Gogen, the houses built by architects Bubyr, Vasiliev and others. In the beginning of 1910 the neo classicism replaced the eclectica style but this style did not get growth. After revolution, in 1917 and the civil war the style of construction of the city has changed. Not so many masterpieces left from1917, but some interesting building like The Kirov's Cultural Palace and The Lensoveta Cultural Palace, the Ensemble of Komsomol Square can be a symbols of the Soviet time. During 1970th some interesting blocks have been built in the area of river Smolenka, in Kirovsky district of the city. In the nowadays the appearance of the city changes very quick and visitors can see that in 3-4

The aim of course paper is tо learn to work with English literature on specialty and analyze the special literature.

The object of this course paper is the tourism in St.Petersburg.

The subject of course paper is the accommodations in St.Petersburg.

The problems are:

  • to describe the tourism in St.Petersburg

  • tо consider the accommodations in St.Petersburg

So, in this course paper there are some informations about tourism in St.Petersburg and analyze accommodations in St.Petersburg.


Saint-Petersburg is the Northern capital of Russia, its cultural, historical and architectural center! Saint-Petersburg was named in honor of patron saint of Peter The Great, who founded the city more than 300 years ago and for more than 200 years (till 1917) it was Russian capital. Peter the Great modeled the city after European capitals and it has been referred as Russia's "Window into Europe" for a long time.

St.Petersburg is divided into numerous islands by rivers and canals and is often called as the "Northern Venice". Saint-Petersburg together with its palaces, museums, theatres, distant suburbs and their parks is renowned piece of the world's cultural heritage.

To organize your travel to Saint-Petersburg you can obtain here hotel and homestay accommodation, travel packages, guided tours and other St. Petersburg travel services.

General information:

  • THE CITY OVERVIEW: Saint-Petersburg (known as Petrograd in 1914-1924 and as Leningrad in 1924-1991), with 4,7 million inhabitants is the northernmost major city of the world. Here you will find information about our city: history, location, climate and main facts.

  • THE BEST OF SAINT-PETERSBURG: The city of St. Petersburg is known as the cultural treasure house of Russia and it is often referred to as an Open-Air Museum. There are more than 140 museums and around 100 theatres. Useful for travel information on the best sights, museums, and theatres you can find here.

  • USEFUL TRAVEL INFORMATION: We provide you with useful information on arrival and departure, emergencies and health, money, communication, transportation, shopping, Russian cuisine, holidays and customs. Here are some advices what to pack and a little vocabulary.

  • TIPS: What is the best time for visit to Saint-Petersburg? There are some practical advises and advance tourist tips about Russia's most amazing city.

St. Petersburg accommodation:

  • HOTELS: All hotels of St.Petersburg (on-line reservation) from the budget class hotels up to the deluxe hotels with highest standards of service, accommodation and facilities.

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Accommodation in StPetersburg

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