A Time For Change Essay Research Paper


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Essay на тему A Time For Change Essay Research Paper

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A Time For Change Essay, Research Paper

A Time For Change

Kris J. Pomplun

I enlisted in the United States Navy three days after my graduation from high school. I needed a great deal of leadership and training. I got it. Throughout my nine-year career, I have worked for great people who did not wait for me to get motivated; they cared about me and showed it. What successes I ve had, I owe to my great teachers. They taught me about self-motivation, commitment and dedication. About tolerance, adaptation and acceptance of others. They taught me that the most educated people about any subject are usually the people who are doing the work. The more involved each of us is in what we do, the more we are empowered to make reasoned inputs. All these values, ideas, and attitudes are what I expect to give as well as receive from Marquette University, and are what will help me succeed in my studies there.

It is within our power, by working together, to make improvements in every aspect of what we do in life. I am convinced that if we become content with where we are in life, we don t stay there, we move backwards. In everything we do, in every facet of life, personal and professional, we need to strive for continuous improvement. And it is that personal and professional need for improvement that drives me to pursue a commission in the United States Navy through my pursuit of a degree.

While the standards at Marquette are high and the expectations are great, I am ready to meet that challenge head-on and have no doubt about my ability to succeed. It is truly a small price to pay for the privilege of leading America’s finest — our great Sailors and Marines.


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A Time For Change Essay Research Paper

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Essay A Time For Change Essay Research Paper
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